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FSRC has assembled the following catalog of helpful website links and downloadable documents for families of children with disabilities. It is our goal to continually expand this resource center and keep it current with the latest information, so please check back often and feel free to recommend additional resources via our online contact form.

2017 Annual Report – A summary of programs and accomplishments of FSRC in 2017.
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2019 Fiscal Agent Payroll Schedule – FA schedule for providers and families
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Families Can’t Wait – Request for Families Can’t Wait grants – Request for Families Can’t Wait grants
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FSRC Policies & Procedures – Complaint & Grievance Procedure – Complaint & Grievance Procedure
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FSRC Policies & Procedures – Conflict of Interest Policy – Conflict of Interest Policy
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FSRC Policies & Procedures – Guidelines for Reporting Abuse – Guidelines for Reporting Abuse
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FSRC Policies & Procedures – Privacy Information – Privacy Information
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FSRC Policies & Procedures – Technology Policy – The following guidelines will be considered when purchasing a piece of technology equipment through the Family Support and Resource Center.
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Overview of FSRC services – This brochure provides a brief overview of services offered through FSRC.
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Respite Recruitment – Suggestions for Successful Respite Care Recruitment and Relationships.
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Achieving Collaborative Treatment (ACT) – ACT is a provider of in-home behavioral therapy services for children with autism spectrum disorders. Phone: 608-497-3230

Caravel Autism Health (previously Lund Van Dyke) – Caravel provides diagnostic services, testing, and in-home treatment for children with any condition on the autism spectrum. Phone: 920-857-9041

Common Threads Family Resource Center – Common Threads offers school and mental health programs geared toward individuals affected by autism, behavioral disorders, and mental health challenges. Phone: 608-838-8999

FamilyPath Autism Services, LLC – FamilyPath Autism Services is a provider of evidence-based, play-based ABA treatment programs for children with autism spectrum disorders.
Phone: 608-512-0780

Imagine a Child’s Capacity (ICC) – ICC is a program of Family Service Madison that imagines the capacity of a child with diverse support needs reaching their fullest potential using an array of tools. Phone: 608-204-6247

Integrated Development Services, Inc. (IDS) – Integrated Development Services is a mental health clinic specializing in treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, developmental disabilities, behavioral challenges and childhood mental health challenges.
Phone: 608-833-0123

KGH Consultation & Treatment – KGH Consultation & Treatment is an innovative therapy center providing comprehensive services to individuals 0-18 with developmental, learning, behavior and/or social difficulties, along with their families. Phone: 608-819-6810

Wisconsin Early Autism Project (WEAP) – The Wisconsin Early Autism Project, Inc., is a program and clinic for the treatment of children with autism. Phone: 608-662-9327

All About Me: A strength-based portfolio – A format you can use to develop a portfolio.
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Community Outreach Wisconsin – The website of Community Outreach Wisconsin offers information on a variety of trainings, conferences, and organizations of interest to families and service providers.

Fostering Self-Determination among Children and Youth with Disabilities – A resource about fostering self-determination among children and youth with disabilities.

Four Easy Questions – We have designed The Four Questions exercise to help families, groups and organizations to get out of the trap of negative thinking. For example, an organization we work with kept asking the people they work with to tell them what was wrong, so they could improve. But the people told them everything was really OK. They knew some things weren’t right. We suggested they ask a new set of questions.
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In Control Wisconsin – An organization that provides information on Sef-determination and self-directed employment.

Inclusion Press – Resources and materials related to person centered planning and inclusion.

Kids Together – A listserv for individuals interested in inclusive education – Discussions dedicated to sharing and discovering solutions for educating children with disabilities in general education classes. How to use technology, adaptations and modifications to make general education classrooms accessible to all children.

Pacer Center’s Person Centered Planning – PACER (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) resource for Person Centered Planning on their website.

Planning for the Future – Planning for the Future: A Person-centered Planning Tool
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Signs of An Inclusive School – How can you tell if a school is truly inclusive? This short handout provides ideas and examples of what to look for.
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Solution Circles – Getting Unstuck: A Creative Problem-solving tool
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Stength-based Portfolio – A description of portfolios as a planning tool.
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The Center for Human Policy – A Syracuse University based policy, research, and advocacy organization involved in the national movement to insure the rights of people with disabilities. Since its founding, the Center has been involved in the study and promotion of open settings (inclusive community opportunities) for people with disabilities.

Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs – Information & resources, parent connections. Waisman Center, Madison WI.

Community Outreach Wisconsin – The website of Community Outreach Wisconsin offers information on a variety of trainings, conferences, and organizations of interest to families and service providers.

Dane County Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) – ADRC provides information to the general public about services, resources, and programs in areas such as: disability and long-term care related services and living arrangements, health, adult protective services, employment and training for people with disabilities, transportation, home maintenance and nutrition. ADRC staff will provide help to connect people with those services and to also apply for SSI, Foodshare, and Medicaid as needed. Phone: 608-240-7400

Dane County Department of Human Services – Dane County Department of Human Services contracts with Family Support & Resource Center to provide services.

The ARC Wisconsin – Organization promotes and protects human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports full inclusion in the community.

The ARC Dane County – The ARC works to create opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to reach their full capacity.

Who Are Your Legislators? – This website can help you find the name and contact information for your federal and state legislative representatives.

Who Is Your Dane County Board Supervisor – Links on this website will help you identify and communicate with your elected county board representative.

Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (WBPDD) – The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (WBPDD) was established to advocate on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities, foster welcoming and inclusive communities, and improve the disability service system.

Wisconsin Council for Children with Long-term Support Needs – This Governor-appointed council is charged with making recommendations regarding Wisconsin’s system of supports for children with disabilities, birth to age 21.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services – Wisconsin Department of Health Services oversees a variety of funding programs for children with developmental disabilities.

Birth to 3 Connections – Birth to 3 Connections serves families with children who have developmental delays and disabilities who reside in Dane County outside of the Madison Metropolitan School District. Phone: 608-273-3232

Birth to Three Bridges – The Birth to Three Program provides therapy and services to infants and toddlers meeting the 25% delay eligibility requirements. For families living within the Madison School District, services are provided through the Birth to Three Program based at Family Services. Phone: 608-252-1320

Department of Public Instruction’s Opening Doors to Self Determination – Department of Public Instruction’s Opening Doors to Self Determination handbook: Planning for Life after High School.
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Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) – The DVR’s mission is to obtain, maintain and improve employment for people with disabilities by working with VR consumers, employers and other partners.

Employment Resource, Inc. (ERI) – Employment Counseling, Work and Benefits Counseling, and Ticket to Work. Call 608-246-3444 or visit

Employment Support Options – Employment Support Options
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IEP Checklist for Parents – Things to think about before your next IEP meeting.
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Let’s Get to Work! – The Wisconsin Let?s Get to Work project is a five-year, national systems change grant that will lead to improved community employment outcomes for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities in transition.

LOV-Dane – LOV-Dane (Living Our Visions) is a grassroots organization of community members, including individuals with disabilities and their families, committed to building fulfilling, community-centered lives for all citizens.

Madison Partners for Inclusive Education – Madison Partners is a group of parents and professionals who advocate for inclusive education in the Madison Metropolitan School District. The group provides training and information to families of children around special education issues.

Parent Transition Checklist – Parent Transition Checklist
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Pathways to Employment Resource Center (PERC) – PERC provides education and training, technical assistance, research, and resources to expand opportunities for persons with disabilities to earn income and participate fully in community life.

Signs of An Inclusive School – How can you tell if a school is truly inclusive? This short handout provides ideas and examples of what to look for.
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Social Security and Disability Resource Center – The Social Security and Disability Resource Center ( is an informational website that provides answers to questions about how to apply for disability, how to appeal a claim in the event of a denial, how to navigate the federal system, and how to avoid certain mistakes that are commonly made by applicants. The site’s author is a former disability examiner for the social security administration.

Think Possible! – Employment webinar is a four-part employment training series developed to support the goal of working in the community. Families may find the training helpful for understanding competitive integrated employment and how service professionals can help them with this important goal.

Transition to Adulthood – A checklist for parents of children with developmental disabilities.

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

  • Parents can request either a facilitated IEP team meeting or mediation through Wisconsin Special Education Mediation Systems (WSEMS). The services of WSEMS are free of charge. More information about WSEMS can be found at
  • Anyone may file a state special education complaint with DPI. More information about complaints, including a model form you may use to file a complaint, is available at
  • Parents have the right to request a due process hearing in writing whenever there is a dispute over the district’s proposal or refusal to initiate or change their child’s special education. Information about ho to request a due process hearing is available at

Here are links to some additional resources regarding special education you might find helpful now or in the future.

  • For information about federal and state special education laws, check out CESA publication Special Education in Plain Language
  • The Wisconsin Statewide Parent/Educator Initiative (WSPEI) provides support to parents of children with disabilities and their families, free of charge. WSPEI helps schools and families to understand and communicate about special education issues. You may reach them at 1-877-844-4925. Their website is
  • Wisconsin FACETS provides support to parents and families with issues and concerns regarding special education, free of charge. Their telephone number is 1-877-374-0511, and their website is
  • Disability Rights Wisconsin is Wisconsin’s federally-mandated protection and advocacy agency for people with disabilities of all ages. Their website is

Wisconsin Statewide Transition Initiative – The overarching purpose of WSTI is to improve transition programs and services so that students with disabilities can make a successful transition from high school to postsecondary education or training, employment and/or independent living. Phone: 262-787-9500 x9613

ACCESS to Independence – ACCESS can demonstrate the use of devices that can eliminate barriers and improve independence. Many items can be loaned, free of charge, for up to three weeks.

FSRC Equipment Exchange – Do you have a piece of equipment that your child has outgrown and you’d like to sell or give away to another family? Are you looking for a particular item for your child?

Home Health United – Home Health United offer home medical equipment and supplies to assist patients and caregivers with treatments and care; and to increase mobility, safety, independence and comfort.

Independence First Mobility Store – The IndependenceFirst Mobility Store, formerly The Wheelchair Recycling Program, offers low cost, refurbished and sanitized mobility and medical equipment to those who lack the resources to acquire new equipment. Phone: 608-243-1785

J&B Medical Supply – J & B Medical carries a complete line of home medical supplies and MA covered incontinence products. Phone: 866-674-5850

Kindred Kids – Kindred kids is a non profit lending library for children with differing abilities. They provide a lending library of toys, books and equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, communication devices etc.)

National Seating & Mobility – National Seating & Mobility provides customized wheelchairs and adaptive seating systems for individuals who have been diagnosed as having a permanent or long-term loss of mobility due to trauma, physical abnormality, structural defect or disease.

Advocacy and Benefits Counseling for Health (ABC for Health) – ABC for Health is a nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to ensuring health care access for children and families, particularly those with special needs or who are at risk. Assist with counseling on application or appeals process for many public benefits programs. Offer legal consultation and representation when informal advocacy and health benefits counseling fails to resolve a problem. Services include Health Benefits Counseling, Legal Services for Health Care Financing, Covering Kids and Families MAP Projects, Professional Training and Consultation, Public Information Services, Health System Research and Advocacy. Phone: 608-261-6939 or 1-800-585-4222 – Spanish speaker, use ext. 220

Appealing a Medicaid or BadgerCare Denial – What you need to know about appealing a Medicaid or BadgerCare Denial.
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BadgerCare Plus – BadgerCare Plus is a health care program for children under 19 years of age and families in Wisconsin, offering free or low-cost health care coverage.

Case Mediation Program – The Case Mediation Program is sponsored by the Dane County Bar Association. Volunteer attorneys mediate civil and family law cases (financial issues only) filed in Dane or Columbia County Circuit Courts through voluntary or court ordered mediation. Phone: 608-848-1477

Community Justice Incorporated – Community Justice Incorporated provides a broad range of civil legal services, including Family, Landlord/Tenant, Disability, Land Use, Mental Health, Employment, Education, Consumer/Credit, Environmental, Child Welfare, and Discrimination. Criminal representation comes through Public Defender appointments only (no referrals or walk-ins for criminal defense). Phone: 608-204-9642

Consumer Law Clinic – Consumer Law Clinic handles individual and class action lawsuits in state and federal court covering a variety of consumer protection issues, including misrepresentation and fraud, credit scams, predatory lending, unfair debt collection practices and “fringe banking” abuses by rent-to-own and payday loan companies. Assistance in filling out forms related to the case. Students also join volunteer attorneys to staff a free, drop-in legal clinic for homeowners facing foreclosure. Foreclosure Assistance Helpline: 608-263-9574, Law Clinic Phone: 608-263-6283

Employment Resource, Inc. – Employment Counseling. Call 608-246-3444 or visit

Introduction to: HealthCheck and HealthCheck Other Services
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Katie Beckett – The Katie Beckett Program is a special eligibility process that allows certain children with long-term disabilities, mental illness, or complex medical needs, living at home with their families, to obtain a Wisconsin ForwardHealth Medicaid card.

Lawyer Hotline – Maybe all you need is general legal information or an answer to a simple legal question, such as how to file in small claims court. LRIS will make an appointment for a lawyer to call you back, free of charge, within a few days to briefly discuss your question with you. Phone: 1-800-362-9082 or Dane County: 608-257-4666

Legal Action of Wisconsin – Legal Action of Wisconsin provides free legal services to low-income people. Priority practice areas and special projects include: Benefits and Health Programs, Family Law, Housing Law, Licenses, Criminal Records & Employment, Senior LAW (60 and over), Migrant Farmworkers, Social Security and the Disabled Offenders Economic Security DOES Project. Must got to web site for intake times and days. Phone: 608-256-3258

Medicaid Fact Sheets – Family Voices provides easy to understand information about Medicaid’s non-emergency transportation benefit and how to get a ride to a medical appointment.

SS and SSI Benefit Information – Access benefit verification, payment history, and earnings for SSI and Social Securty.

SSI – Information on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a Federal income supplement program.

SSI-E – Information about the Exceptional Expense Supplement for Members of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Wisconsin.

The Marketplace and Young Adults – Resources on health coverage for young adults

Advance Directives Forms for Living Wills and Power of Attorney – The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has Advance Directive forms available online. The forms available are: Declaration to Physicians (Wisconsin Living Will), Power of Attorney for Health Care, Power of Attorney for Finance and Property, and Authorization for Final Disposition.

ABLE Account – Six Steps to Setting up your ABLE Account in Wisconsin
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ABLE Account – Good information on setting up your ABLE Account

Estate Planning for the Disabled Beneficiary  –  Wills, Trusts, including Special Needs Trusts, and Power of Attorney (with a hint of Guardianship)
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Guardianship of Adults: A Decision Making Guide – This handbook provides an overview of guardianship of adults in Wisconsin who meet the standards for a finding of incompetence, alternative ways of providing decision-making support, and ways to tailor guardianships to individual needs.

Guardianship Support Center (GSC) – The Wisconsin Guardianship Support Center (GSC) is a statewide resource for information about guardianship-related issues. Phone: 855-409-9410

FAQ: Supported Decision-Making – Frequently Asked Questions about Supported Decision-Making
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Supported Decision-Making – From Wisconsin Guardianship Support Center of the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resource, Inc.
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Supported Decision-Making – DHS Webinar on Supported Decision-Making concept. How people can use supported decision-making concepts and agreements
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Supported Decision Making for Transition Age Youth – Fact Sheet from Family Voices of Wisconsin
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The Arc Dane County – The Arc Dane County Board maintains a list of attorneys in Dane County that are skilled in guardianship and estate planning for people with developmental disabilities. Visit their website for the list.

Adaptation & Modification (A&M) Project – The Adaptation and Modification (A&M) Project is run by Responsive Solutions, Inc and Dane County Human Services. The goal of this project is to create safe and appropriate environments, which ensure an individual’s continued participation in community life.

Habitat for Humanity of Dane County – Apply for a home.

Habitat for Humanity of Dane County – Home Repair Program

Habitat for Humanity Restore – Working in partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Dane County, the Habitat ReStore sells donated building materials to the general public for up to 75% off retail price.

Movin Out – Access to home ownership opportunities for people with disabilities and their families.

Neighborhood Law Clinic (UW Law School) – The Neighborhood Law Clinic provides legal information, representation, and referrals in areas of landlord-tenant issues, workers’ rights, and public benefits. Phone: 608-261-1943 or 608-265-2441

Project Home – Improving the quality and affordability of housing for all low- to moderate-income individuals and families in Dane and Green Counties through assistance with home repairs, modifications, weatherization.

Tenant Resource Center – The Tenant Resource Center cannot give legal information; however an Attorney Referral List is available. Housing counseling/information/referrals for Wisconsin landlords’ and tenants’ rights and responsibilities provided. Phone: 608-257-0006, Help Desk: 608-242-7406, Mediation Service: 608-257-2799

The Logan James Herr Foundation – Provides free labor and materials for home accessibility modifications for families of children with disabilities.

IRIS/Family Care/Partnership
Contact the Dane County Aging and Disability Center (ADRC) for Enrollment Counseling, 608-240-7480 or 608-240-7400.

The IRIS agencies available to families in Dane County include:

  1. The Management Group (TMG),
  2. Connections,
  3. Progressive Community Services,
  4. First Person Care Consultants,

Family Care agencies include:

  1. My Choice Family Care,
  2. Care Wisconsin Family Care,

Partnership agencies includes:

  1. Care Wisconsin Partnership,
  2. iCare Partnership,

For more information on related resources contact: – – – Family Care/IRIS Transition

Calming Cuts – Calming Cuts strives to make haircuts accessible to everyone! We team up with family and therapists, create a routine, and come to you for a more therapeutic and sensory friendly hair cutting service.
Phone: 608-354-2092

– Phone: 608-238-8119

Community Living Alliance – Phone: 608-242-8335

Endearment Unlimited – Endearment Unlimited is an in-home service provider offering support and care that are specifically personalized and tailored to meet the care needs of our clients. Our exceptional services will add value to each client’s life, and in the process, offer peace of mind to his or her loved ones.
Phone: 608-807-0408

Eternity HomeCare – 995 Applegate Road Madison, WI 53713
Phone: 608-251-CARE (2273)

Maxim Health Care – Phone: 608-232-1000

SoSiab Care – SoSiab Care provides personal care services to MEDICAID recipients of all ages and backgrounds residing in Dane County and the surrounding counties.
Phone: 608-244-1160

Tongxeng Personal Home Care – 1402 Greenway Cross, Suite 202, Madison, WI 53713. Phone: 608-271-5800

ABC for Health – ABC for Health: health benefits advocacy for families

Access to Independence, Inc. – Access to Independence (ATI) is a non-profit, consumer controlled resource center that provides an array of services to people of all ages with all types of disabilities in Dane, Columbia, Green and Dodge counties in south-central Wisconsin.

Allison Smith Foundation – The Allison Smith Foundation supports family-centered fun and recreation. Through special events and partnerships with local hotels, the Foundation provides families affiliated with Family Support & Resource Center with weekend getaways and financial assistance for recreational equipment or fun family activities.
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Arc-Dane County – Arc-Dane County: advocacy and support for individuals with disabilities in Dane County and their families

Autism Society – Autism Society – awareness, support and working together for individuals with autism spectrum disorder in Wisconsin

Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin – “The local voice of autism.” ASGM is an organization for families affected by autism and the professionals who support them. Information and referral, meetings, workshops, social group, quarterly newsletter.

Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs – Information & resources, parent connections. Waisman Center, Madison WI.

Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs – Regional Centers – SouthEast Region – Children’s Hospital Milwaukee -1-800-234-5437; Southern Region – Waisman Center, Madison – 1-800-532-3321

Community Outreach Wisconsin – The website of Community Outreach Wisconsin offers information on a variety of trainings, conferences, and organizations of interest to families and service providers.

Disability Advocates Wisconsin Network (DAWN) – DAWN is a statewide grassroots cross-disability network of people who care about disability issues. Resource for advocacy information and email alerts on statewide issues affecting people with developmental disabilities.

Disability Rights Wisconsin, Inc. (DRW) – Statewide protection and advocacy agency, providing legal consultation and advocacy to parents and individuals with disabilities (formerly called Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy).

Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin – The Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin and Jacob’s Fund are working in partnership on behalf of all special children, their families and communities, to educate, empower, strengthen and support wherever there is a need.

Family Voices – A network of parents, families, and advocates of children with disabilities and special health care needs which focuses on working with partners to support the voice of families to inform and influence public policy on behalf of children and families.

Grandparents & Other Relatives as Parents Program – The Grandparents & Other Relatives as Parents Program at the Rainbow Project provides a monthly support and education group, newsletter and other resources to grandparents/relatives who are primary caregivers for a children. Phone:255-7356

Madison Area Down Syndrome Society – Education, advocacy, outreach, and support for individuals with Down Syndrome and their families in the Madison community. Contact at P.O. Box 44796, Madison, WI 53744. Phone: 608-692-7653.

National Alliance on Mental Illness -Wisconsin – Family Support Group: 7:00 – 9:00 PM 1st and 3rd Mondays, United Way Building, 2059 Atwood Ave. Phone: 608-249-7188

PACER Center – Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights, a national center based in Minnesota.

People First – People First Wisconsin is a statewide grassroots non-profit self-advocacy organization developed and run by people with disabilities. The local chapter, People First of Dane County, meets on the third Tuesday of each month. Contact Stefanie Primm, 608-219-8178, with questions.

Survival Coalition – Survival Coalition of Wisconsin Disability Organizations works with local organizations, coalitions, consumers, advocates, and families throughout Wisconsin. They are committed to creating a society where people with disabilities are full and equal participants in community life.

Volunteer Wellness Coach, Caring for Myself Program, Catholic Charities – The Caring for Myself Program is recruiting African American primary caregivers of children with development and long-term behavioral challenges to be trained as a wellness coach for the program. The Caregiver volunteer receives $135.00 for each family they serve. Please contact Marian Slaughter at 608-256-2358 or
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Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (WBPDD) – The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (WBPDD) was established to advocate on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities, foster welcoming and inclusive communities, and improve the disability service system.

Wisconsin FACETS – Wisconsin Family Assistance Center for Education, Training & Support, Inc. (WI FACETS) provides individual assistance to parents of children receiving special education services and provides advocacy, information and referral, workshops, support groups, and parent leadership development. Phone: 1-877-374-4677

Wisconsin Family Ties (WFT) – WFT is a statewide, nonprofit organization run by families for families that include children and adolescents with social, emotional or behavioral challenges. They provide information, support, advocacy, and individual assistance to families. Phone: 1-800-422-7145

Wisconsin Legislature – Information about Wisconsin’s elected officials

Community Outreach Wisconsin – The website of Community Outreach Wisconsin offers information on a variety of trainings, conferences, and organizations of interest to families and service providers.

David Pitonyak – Positive Behavioral Support for individuals with disabilities.

Publications list for David Pitonyak – Publications list for David Pitonyak
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Easter Seals – Respite & Camp Recreation – Easter Seals Wisconsin camps (located on 400 acres of wooded land in Wisconsin Dells) offer ten unique programs that accommodate a wide range of abilities while providing a much-needed break for parents and caregivers.

Endearment Unlimited – Endearment Unlimited is an in-home service provider offering support and care that are specifically personalized and tailored to meet the care needs of our clients. Our exceptional services will add value to each client’s life, and in the process, offer peace of mind to his or her loved ones.
Phone: 608-807-0408

Fiscal Assistance’s Employer Agent Program – Designed to empower people with disabilities to employ the caregivers of their choice, F.A.’s Employer Agent program eliminates the worry and difficulty of processing payroll, taxes and related paperwork.
Phone: 608-846-7058

Gio’s Garden – Gio’s Garden’s mission as a non-profit organization is to nurture and strengthen families with special needs children (birth to 6 years) by increasing their access to needed services. They provide qualifying families with up to 16 hours of respite care each month.

Respite Care Association of Wisconsin – “Respite Care” is care that is provided to a person with special needs, or a person at risk of abuse or neglect, in order to provide temporary relief to the caregiver of that person or when the caregiver is unable to provide care. Our mission is: to promote, support, and expand quality statewide respite care across the lifespan.

Respite Center – RISE – The Respite Center provides emergency child care and respite for children ages 0-14, parent support, and crisis counseling 7 days a week. The Respite Center is located at 2120 Fordem Avenue, Madison, WI.

Respite Recruitment – Suggestions for Successful Respite Care Recruitment and Relationships.
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UCP Greater Dane County – The mission of UCP of Greater Dane County is to enrich the quality of life for the people we serve: in their homes; in their communities; and in their life choices. Our Respite Care supports families in reaching out and making personal connections to people within their community to establish care providers for their family member with a disability. Our services help families find, screen and train qualified staff to provide short term services in the family’s home, the respite staff’s home or in the community.

El Programa de Apoyo Familiar (PAF): un hoja de hechos – Family Support Program Fact Sheet
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Fondos para “Familias No Pueden Esperar”: Subvenciones para familias en las listas de espera de FSRC – Information and request form for Families Can’t Wait grants
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FUNE Grupo de Apoyo Educacion – Para mas informacion llame: Lilliam Post 608-661-3512.

La Epilepsia – La Fundacion para la Epilepsia se asegura de que las personas que tienen crisis de epilepsia (tambien conocidos como ataques o convulsiones) puedan participar en todas las experiencias de la vida, a travos de la prevencion, control y cura de la epilepsia, mediante la investigacion, la educacion, la defensa y los servicios.

Perspectiva General de la Agencia – Family Support and Resource Center, Agency Overview brochure
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Privacidad de la Informacion – Privacy of Information policy
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Procedimiento De Quejas Formales E Informales – Complaint & Grievance Procedure
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Quick Reference: Transportation Provider Options in Dane County – For People with Developmental and Other Disabilites
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Medicaid and Transportation to Medical Appointments – To schedule a ride, call MTM at
1-866-907-1493 or visit their website
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