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FSRC NewsdeskCOVID-19: FSRC staff are still working, but remotely from home. Please contact your Case Manager directly. If additional questions or concerns call the FSRC office at 237-7630 or email Heidi Rossiter, Executive Director, at hrossiter@fsrcdane.org.

We encourage you to be frequently checking the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website for more up to date information about COVID-19 and what you should be doing: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/covid-19/index.htm

For resources within Dane County, check out Dane County Covid 19 and Dane County Public Health

Dane County Resource for Impacts of COVID-19 (Spanish)

Dane County Resource for Impacts of COVID-19 (Hmong)

Link to a full list of Waisman Center Covid resources: Waisman Center 

Check out the latest edition of the DHS All In For Kids Newsletter and previous editions: All in For Kids Newsletter issue 2020-02  ; All In for Kids Newsletter 2020-01 for important information for children and families.

Helpful articles for families with a child with medical complexities: Complex Child

For a detailed list of resources available during the Corona Virus, check out this website: Madison Resource for Impacts of COVID-19

Zoom Meeting Tips for Families

Safer at Home Ordered by Dane County and Madison Public Health. What does it mean?
     You must stay home
     Do not leave your residence (the place where you live)
     You must follow social distancing (stay 6′ away from other people)

For how long?
     Depending on risk factors, will be reopened in phases

Can I leave my home for any reason?
You can leave for essential activities. You can go to a:
     Grocery store
     Clinic or hospital (appointments or emergencies)
     Restaurant (drive-through or take-out)
     Bank drive-through
     School (for free meals or learning supplies)
     Hardware store and repair shops
     Motel, hotel, or shelter (if your home is not safe)
     Stand alone business or strip-mall based retail stores with outside entrances (limited
     Dog Groomers (curbside drop-off)
     Religious Facilities (with restrictions)

You can also:
     Exercise outside: walk, run, bike, and hike (follow social distancing)
     Take care of and bring food to family members or friends who need help.
     Follow custody agreements and transportation schedules for your children.

Many businesses have opened with restrictions.

Heidi Rossiter
Executive Director