Equipment Exchange

Equipment ExchangeDo you have a piece of equipment that your child has outgrown and you’d like to sell or give away to another family? Are you looking for a particular item for your child?

The FSRC “Equipment Exchange” is a free and public service for the community to help share and recycle equipment for the benefit of FSRC children. FSRC in no way profits from, nor claims any responsibility for transactions related to this exchange.

To post an item to the exchange, please contact our office at 608-237-7630 or email

*Items will be posted no longer than 3 months.

Item or Need:

Triaid TMX Special Needs Tricycle
Triaid TMX Special Needs Tricycle
Description: This bike is designed to accommodate most users, supporting up to 130 pounds with ease, and is ideally fitted for children between 8 and 12 years old. It has 20” wheels, adjustable handlebars, and an adjustable padded seat. (Bike differs slightly from above picture.)
Condition: Good
Price: FREE
Contact: If interested, please contact your case manager.