Programs Family Support

What is Family Support?
Family Support includes a variety of home and community-based supports designed to enhance the quality of life for children with significant disabilities and to keep families together. Based on the belief that each family is unique and that parents are in the best position to know the specific needs of their children and their families, family support services are family-centered and flexible, with parents choosing the assistance they receive.

Who is Eligible?
Families are eligible for the Family Support Program if they have a child under 21 years of age, who has a significant disability and is living at home in Dane County or returning from an out-of-home placement.

What Help Is Provided?
Family Support Program staff work with families who have a child with a disability to:

Understand and gain access to available resources.
Coordinate services, advocate for the child, and facilitate teamwork and problem-solving.
Purchase needed goods and services not available through other funding sources.
Help families to build and strengthen networks of support, to encourage friendships for their children, and to plan for the future.

What Can Families Purchase?
Financial assistance through the program is flexible and individually tailored to the needs of each family. Funds can be used to purchase architectural

modifications, child care, therapy and medical care, equipment, recreation, respite and other expenses related to the care of their child with a disability. Family Support Program funds may be used only when no other funding is available.

How Do I Apply?
Families interested in the Family Support Program can apply for services by calling our office at (608) 237-7630. The application process includes an eligibility determination by Dane County and an assessment of family needs. There is a waiting list to receive this service, but eligible families can apply for “Families Can’t Wait” grants and may participate in other agency activities while on the waiting list.