Families Can’t Wait Campaign

Families Can’t Wait is a LifeSaver

In 2008, Family Support & Resource Center was able to provide 57 grants to 47 families on our waiting list. The average grant was $1120.

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What families have said about “Families Can’t Wait”…

  • “We used this grant to pay for respite care. It really helped us a lot. I love my child with all my heart and wouldn’t give her up for anything, but taking care of a child with a disability gets very stressful. It was nice to get a break each month to help us get refreshed and to also give my other child some one-on-one time with his parents.”
  • “Part of our grant made it possible for my husband and I to attend a yearly conference on my son’s brain disorder. We gain useful information and network with other families. We also used grant money to purchase an adaptive chair for my son to use at day care. It gives him the chance to be part of the group.”
  • “We used this grant too pay for respite while my husband was deployed in Iraq for the last year. It was a lifesaver for me because I have two young children, one with autism, and with no family in Wisconsin, I desperately needed a few hours every week to myself.”
  • “The money was used toward building a wheelchair ramp in our garage. Our daughter can now access the house independently using her walker. She is extremely grateful for the independence, as we are also.”
  • “We were able to purchase a lift for transferring our two sons from their wheelchairs to their beds, the shower, and toilet. It has been a godsend for me and my husband and other adults who transfer the boys. I felt you did a wonderful job for us. The grant money was sent to us right away.”
  • “We used the funds towards a lift in our van. This paid for about 1/3 of the cost and was a great help. It is so much easier to transfer our daughter now. We have been on the waiting list for a long time and it’s a great benefit that some funds are available for the “waiting list families.”
  • “We used the grant to enroll our daughter in therapeutic horseback riding this summer. Just seeing her confidence on a horse was wonderful, not to mention that huge smile! We used the balance for respite so we could take 2 weekend getaways. This was our first time away from the kids overnight ever! It was really wonderful to reconnect as a couple, knowing our kids were in good hands.”
  • “We used the money for an outside swing. Our daughter loves it! She now has something more to do outside than sitting in her wheelchair. Our other 3 children swing beside her. She gets a big kick out of that! She swings while we mow lawn, weed the flowers, and hang out clothes. We appreciate your help in giving enjoyment to her. When you have a child with no disabilities you take for granted a swing for your child but when your child has disabilities, it is never that easy to give them the simple things in life. This is why I am so thankful for all your help because it gives our daughter a piece of being just like everyone else.”
  • “We were able to pay for in-home day care for my 13-year-old son who has autism. My son has lots of issues that make it very difficult to find him a program in the summer. The grant was a life saver!! It allowed my son to have a very productive summer. “Families Can’t Wait” is the one and only program that has offered to provide real help in dealing with our son?s autism. This grant was a very positive thing in our lives, after being on so many waiting lists for years with little help. It gave my family and I a more positive outlook on our future progress.”
  • “This grant helped us provide a fence for our two children with autism. They are both runners with no fear of danger. For our family, it has opened up a whole new world right in our back yard.”